Technology Solutions for Transport and Aviation

Technology Solutions for Transport and Aviation

Maximize operations management in Transport and Aviation

PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS Transport and Aviation technology solutions can help you optimize productivity while simplifying the passenger experience.

With more than 17 years of experience, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS offers a wide range of technological solutions and products for Transport and Aviation that will help you manage and monitor passenger flow, alert and implement employee productivity, minimize waiting time and, above all, create conditions for the passenger to have a memorable experience.

Digital Kiosks and Billboards

Digital kiosks and billboards are increasingly used by the transport and aviation industries (land or sea).

Common Use Self Service kiosks CUSS) have provided autonomy to passengers, who can access information, register and print luggage labels through these kiosks, among other features.

There are several applications and functionalities that digital kiosks and billboards
can do in these sectors, such as:

Technology Solutions for Transport and Aviation

Ticket purchase

Technology Solutions for Transport and Aviation

WiFi Hotspot

Technology Solutions for Transport and Aviation

Payment services

Technology Solutions for Transport and Aviation

Registration of luggage

Facial recognition

Search real time information: Flights, destinations, schedules, etc.

Check-in / Check-Out

Vehicle Management, Rent-a-Car

Printing of merchandise and luggage identification tags

24/7 Customer Support

We support our partners and customers to reaching the most effective product to meet the needs of each project. Developing custom equipment or based on standard equipment that our company already have.

Digital signage is emerging in the Transport and Aviation sector, with the main objective being to improve the travel experience from the customers point of view. You can reduce perceived wait times by using digital signage.

Queue Management

Service System for Management of Service by Password

QWhen it comes to travel experiences, one of the first things we hear is about the inconvenience of waiting lines.

QMAGINE solutions by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS cover different waiting queue management systems that allow you to organize and order the flow of passengers at the check-in / check-out of airports, railway stations, among others.

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Technology Solutions for Transport and Aviation


dentify, guide, inform, interact and warn. These are some words that characterize the Wayfinding system by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS, consisting of visual elements that allow passengers to locate places and spaces in a safe and informed way.

A component that can be integrated into any PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS kiosk or digital billboard and has a key role in locating, providing signals at decision points to aid decision making.

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Access Control

Currently, multimedia kiosks allow control and management of access, from entrances and exits to transport and passengers. Reduce human resources and therefore costs, providing a quality, effective and faster service to all passengers !

The access control kiosks can be customized and developed according to the needs of the project, being able to be integrated different components such as: webcam, card reader, keyboard, among others.

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Airports are trying to be friendlier places, treating passengers as guests who appreciate architectural details, free WiFi, a nice view, and amenities like spas or gyms. This new reality means managers have to consider the complete airport experience from entrance to take-off, landing to exiting.


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