Transport & Aviation

The multimedia kiosks represent an increasingly important role in these sectors, both in services they can provide to customers, either within their own organizations as important technological tools.

Logistics, aviation and transport are many years since today the area where new technologies have always been presented and even were pioneers in many of the products that exist, today, in the market.

Just think of modern airports today we can find around the world and see the latest technology that is involved in order that all processes operate efficiently, faster and synchronized.

Airplanes transport people and luggage, but few of us know, for example, that the processes are performed for proper routing of luggage. We know that today the luggage are directed to each airplane through advanced technology systems, using RFID readers or other technological tools, and in this process the multimedia kiosks can be an important resource in this area of logistics.

We all know tAlso in the ground transportation companies the use of such technology is already extensive and multimedia kiosks are an important tool because they allow an independently an interactive registration and data query in specific locations.

Multimedia Kiosks owadays are wide used by airlines, and transportation (land or sea), to make available to customers information about schedules, seat availability, purchase tickets and check-in.

We know that these sectors are now better equipped with the latest technologies available that allow real-time information and multimedia kiosks assume an important role to this objective.

There are Several applications of multimedia kiosks in these areas, such as:

• Flights and destinations search

• Luggage register

• Goods register

• Passengers Check-in

• Tickets Purchase

• Printing ribbons, identify tags of goods or luggage

• Rent-a-car (vehicle management, access to real-time information about cars available Rental of additional products, GPS, etc..

• Customer Support available 24 hours

• Press Tours

• Traffic Information

• Payment services

• Download forms, documentation

• Free Communications via the Internet (multimedia kiosk)

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