Digital Kiosks for Tourism Sector


Dynamic and interactive software, with the main functionality of transmitting immediate information with tourist interest and generate value for citizens and smart cities.

YPortal allows the mayors and merchants to promote the city and its businesses, providing users with information about stores, public services, cultural agenda, hotel, catering, tourist attractions, events, heritage, etc.

Being transmitted in Multimedia Kiosks or Digital Billboards in any city, town council, event, sports, organizations, or even in companies, YPortal is an application that allows the transmission of different information and multimedia contents like images, videos, etc.

YPortal play a key role due to its components and features such as:

  • Promotion of products and services;
  • Information on city maps, addresses, public transport, etc;
  • Search for trips, routes, schedules;
  • Interactive Experiences;
  • Photographic kiosks for printing experiences;
  • Wireless Hotspot - internet access and voip phone;
  • Navigation display of points of interest;
  • News, articles, researches, featured, suggestions.

With YPortal you can receive information about a monument, a piece of art or where relevant historical events took place.

YPortal Software Layouts
Tourism information kiosk promotes Municipality
Double Sided Digital Billboard in Portugal dos Pequenitos
YPortal Software in Digital Billboard

The information in tourism continues to be fundamental and PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS with YPortal technology emerges as an alternative to traditional forms of dissemination, with the main advantage of contributing to the reduction of costs of production and distribution of this same information.

In smart cities , the focus is also on the formation of the smart citizen who is the one who becomes the producer of information and content. City managers know the importance of interacting and responding quickly and effectively to citizens needs.

Not only are municipalities but also town councils , they have adopted platforms like YPortal , to handle huge amounts of data and deliver more value to the community and citizens.

The information in tourism is very important to the sector. The tourists need more and more information and being connected.

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